The American dream is based upon the idea that if you work hard, you can achieve anything with the freedom that the United States offers. Almost any industry in America has proven this to be true, especially the tech boom in Silicon Valley where multi-billion dollar company have been founded in homes, garages, small offices, and the liking. Many people know that Silicon Valley is also home to a plethora of venture capitalists and investors who look for prospering businesses to help expand.

The music industry used to be based upon big corporations and labels that controlled how music was distributed, where, and who succeeded. But since the explosion of EDM, a group of self-driving, dance-loving entrepreneurs have emerged to fuel the fire and grow EDM into the $6 billon plus industry it is today. After looking at the EDMbiz 2015 final panel program, it seems that venture capitalists are now playing a much more involved role in the EDM industry due to its exponential growth, and a panel, Chasing the Dream: Entrepreneurship and Funding, is set to be held to discuss the matters at hand.

The beauty of the dance music scene is that any upstart can have a change. The American dream is possible and has been proven. But what if these upstarts gained funding to grow their ventures at a much quicker rate?

Chasing the Dream: Entrepreneurship and Funding is set to host executives, founders, and CEOs from SF Music Tech, Guggenheim Partners, Walden Venture Capital, Rothenberg Ventures, Digital Music News, and Enright all moderated by Chief Growth Officer/Interim CFO of Insomniac, John Boyle. The discussion will center around the financial aspect of the industry in regards to where young entrepreneurs can earn the respect of these veterans to secure funding and help guide them financially. This talk is truly a remarkable step for EDM.

It demonstrates how far the scene has come and the degree to which funders believe that the scene can go in the future. This panel marks the integration of not only the financial industry into EDM, but also the expansiveness in where the entities with the backing funds believe it can go. Beyond technology, EDM has already proven that it can be a vital partner with other brands to create successful, mutually beneficial relationships. With a loaded bank account, the growth of some companies can happen in less time leaving them with more room to innovate and less roadblocks to push the scene forward.

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Chasing the Dream: Entrepreneurship and Funding also somewhat mirrors the tech industry onto where the music industry is headed. The US is undergoing a current surge in entrepreneurs who look to take on their passions at their own risk instead of relying on stable jobs at large corporations. There is a disruption movement occurring in the music industry like it did with Silicon Valley. Managers, publicists, booking agents, record labels, streaming services, radio shows, and artists can all now become superstars right from their bed room.

Beyond just the financial aspect, this panel is set to discuss the broader issues of entrepreneurship as well and is sure to be an insightful event for those looking to break the mold and spearhead their own venture. Chasing the Dream: Entrepreneurship and Funding will be exclusively happening at EDMbiz 2015 so be sure to grab you badges while you still can.