Having created a belter of a single which will be used as the ‘Original Summerburst Anthem’ this month in Sweden, we grabbed a chat with John Dahlback and Albin Myers, who come together under the “Myback” moniker.

We’re all over ‘Vibe’ – it’s got summer soundtrack written all over it. How did you go about writing it?

We just sat in the studio working on some different demos & thought that “Hey! This track could really work as an anthem for the Summerburst Festival!” So we finished the instrumental and took on Swedish singer ILY to help out with the vocals & lyrics. After that we sent the track to one of the Summerburst founders Anders Boström who really liked it, and the rest is history.

Did you get in the studio with ILY from the start or were her vocals added later?

Albin: I’ve worked with ILY on her solo stuff and thought that she could nail the thing we were looking for in the track.

Do you have a favourite of the three remixes that the single comes with?

All of the remixes are in such different styles that we can’t just pick one as a favorite.They are all our favorites!

Who would you say has influenced you the most musically?

John: Many things from jazz and techno to pop music. One of my biggest influences is my cousin Jesper Dahlbäck.
Albin: I’d say the same regarding influences growing up and the whole UK hardcore scene in the 90’s, with acts like The Prodigy and of course French masterminds Daft Punk.

Do you have any other “Myback” singles in the pipeline for 2015?

We have a lot of demos in the making at the moment and we think it will sound different from ‘Vibe.’ Just wait and see!

How is your festival schedule shaping up this summer?

John: Except the ones we do together like Summerburst & Creamfields, I’ll do a lot of solo performances around the world and so will Albin, like Tomorrowland & Big Slap.

What has been the best show of the year so far?

For Myback, it’s definitely Summerburst! To be able to play at a festival like that in your home country is amazing. The crowd is so loving!

Stream ‘Vibe’ here.