As dance music crosses over into the mainstream more and more, multi-talented artists like Zedd and Calvin Harris have thrived by continually adapting and evolving their music to become more appealing to the masses. While loyal dance music fans may look at this as selling out, Zedd and Harris have been able to parlay their many skills into massive success, dominating the radio airwaves with their hits. Like Zedd and Calvin Harris, Chicago’s Goldhouse is a multifaceted artist, as he takes on the role of producer, DJ, songwriter, and vocalist, as needed, on his tracks. Goldhouses tracks are a unique blend of electro-pop, as the Chicago native manages to blend radio-ready melodies with elements of electronic music that make his music uniquely his own.

His latest creation, “Over,” is a timeless pop anthem that puts Goldhouse’s many talents on display. The emotive, yet catchy, vocals about the difficulties of a breakup offer a stark contrast to the shining synth melodies and uplifting chord progressions, but together, they create the perfect adolescent anthem that will have you belting out the lyrics with the windows down. “Over” is out on iTunes now.