Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber is a certified hit. In fact, it’s actually certified gold. But for every success, there’s another story behind the scenes.

In this case, the version of “Where Are Ü Now” before Jack Ü got their hands on it. Co-produced by Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, the original was a soft and tender ballad, meant to showcase a different side of Bieber.

“This was the version that was cut before Diplo and Skrillex actually got a hold of it and put that incredible sound on it,” Poo Bear said on Dash Radio (via Just Jared). “It just went gold actually yesterday, congratulations Jack Ü & Justin. If I’m not mistaken, this version will go on his album.”

Take a listen below, and let us know which version you prefer. Though we think we may have an idea…

Justin Bieber’s management requested that we remove the stream from public viewing.


Source: Rap-Up