Calvin Harris has made a massive transition into the limelight in the last few years with his transformation from grocery store bagger into an international superstar. From doing topless photo shoots to making cameo’s in blockbuster hits, Calvin Harris has extended his brand far beyond the EDM realm.

His most recent cameo in Entourage, for example, has done wonders for his image.

The movie’s director, Doug Ellin, revealed that huge chunks of the movie were inspired by the DJ himself. In fact Adrian Grenier, the main character, told the Daily Record what it was like having Calvin Harris for the movie:

He was the only choice for that part and we came up with the whole DJ idea when a friend said she knew him, so we thought it would be great to have him in the movie. She asked him and he said he’d love to do something. It was great to have him, and it gave great credibility to the whole movie inside the movie and that DJ world.

He was very gracious and he was really easy to deal with, there was no BS. It was just asking if he wanted to come do something and he basically said he would do anything we wanted. He was great. He was a fan of the show. He was just there for the day and I had a dinner with him and some friends, which was very nice. I saw him perform before I met him.

The Entourage movie is in theaters now, so make sure to check it out and catch Calvin Harris’ cameo performance: