The tired argument that “there’s no music in electronic dance music” is just that … tired.

It’s disproved every time that an artist like Zedd, Porter Robinson, Modestep, Beats Antique, or Polish Ambassador releases a new track. The evidence is lying at your feet under a pile of other fecal matter. However, Brillz decided to take the concept of “Music in EDM” one further by creating an entirely analog, one-man band cover of the Skrillex / Kill The Noise / Milo & Otis remix of Duck Sauce’s “NRG”.

Watching Brillz recreate sounds using natural instruments and even creating natural reverb by standing in a hallway, it’s really empowering to know that even electronic tunes can be completely recreated using live instruments – that is, unless your source is an 11-tonal chord. Then it’s hard.

Check out the finished version below, and let Brillz know what you think on his pages down below.

I’m so stoked to finally share this piece of music with you guys!

It all started as a conversation about how important it is to balance the synthetic digital realm with the organic human realm of creating art. I challenged myself to recreate one of my favorite tunes with all live instruments, no MIDI or programming. Every sound you hear on this record was played by me and recorded with a mic. Still to this day there is no plugin that sounds as good as a real Hammond B3 with a Leslie cabinet. I played most of the weird synth sounds on an early 70’s MiniKorg with an original RAT pedal thru a matchless amp with an SM57, and recorded all the percussion in an actual hallway to get that “hall verb”. There’s a behind the scenes vid I posted if ur interested in seeing some of that stuff.

I am by no means “a great musician” but I have fun with it and thats why I got into making music in the first place!!!! I’m sitting on a plane, about to take off so I gotta wrap this up…just wanna say thanks for the love on this and being open minded enough to enjoy something different! Also huge big ups to my friends Duck Sauce​, Skrillex​, Kill The Noise​ and Milo & Otis​ for making one of my favorite tunes ever!!

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