Spending a euphoric weekend under the electric sky has become one of the most sought after experiences in all of EDM, but like most things in this world, the Electric Daisy Carnival wasn’t always the festival juggernaut that it is today.

As evidenced by the breakdown of EDC’s eye-popping numbers below, the festival has definitely enjoyed a tad (a.k.a. INSANELY LARGE AMOUNT) of growth over the years. Humbly starting as a series of Los Angeles warehouse raves in the early ‘90s, the Electric Daisy Carnival officially launched as a festival in 1997, selling roughly 5,000 tickets.

These days?

Electric Daisy Carnival brought in roughly 400,000 attendees to Las Vegas in 2014. Just an 8,000% increase since it’s inception, no big deal. But aside from the ridiculous growth depicted by the charts below, there’s a very interesting breakdown of the cost of seeing acts at EDC versus seeing them at individual shows.

It makes a compelling case against those complaining about ticket prices, stating “if you went to see seven top names and their supporting acts individually, it’d cost over three times the price of a three-day EDC pass.” With separate performances estimated at $1189 and EDC general admission set at $349, the chart argues “if each festival goer sees 10 performers each day, they’re paying an average of $11.66 per set.” Granted, some might not catch 10 performers a day, but even catching five makes the cost of admission a good bang for your buck.

Either way, judging from after-movies and stories from attendees, it seems to be worth every single penny. Whether you’re heading out to the Las Vegas desert this weekend or not, take a look at EDC through the numbers with this ultimate guide.

EDC 2015
Source: Rukkus