Fool’s Gold is a label that seems to do no wrong. Boasting a staggering line up with some of dance music’s most esteemed and talked about acts, their future and influence in the industry is going to remain a force to be reckoned with for a long time.

Their most recent release comes in the form of a beautiful and soulful collaboration between Falcons, rapper GoldLink from the recent XXL Freshman Cover, and up and comer Chaz French called “Aquafina“. Featuring a smooth and evolving rhythm and passionate verses, this track feels like an instant hip hop classic.

The song begins with a quickly swelling rise of fluttering synths and ambient bird noises, a classic touch from Falcons. After a chuckle, the synths become steady and the beat enters the space with a calm but motion-inducing flow accompanied by repetitive vocals samples that keep the entire mix moving forward. GoldLink starts off with a moderate paced but energetic verse about his lifestyle before the soon-to-be-famous chorus arrives. Chaz French ups the pace and displays his vocal expertise over 8 bars without percussion to hold him up. The chorus returns, while Falcons’s beat keeps your head bobbing until the track’s close.

Look out for Falcons’s debut EP with Fool’s Gold, Terra, out on July 17th. You can preorder it here, and receive “Aquafina” immediately!