Regardless of your opinion on the current state of the EDM bubble, you can’t deny the massive, positive impact that it has on the economy. According to CNN, EDM is a $6.2 billion industry, and music festivals definitely play a critical role. Georgia’s Tomorrowworld is not an exception.

While the numbers certainly act as a rough estimate, research firm ICF International just accredited an economic impact of $93.6 million to Tomorrowworld. This total obviously comes from a number of different sources, and is surprisingly simple to break down. Around $72 million is labeled as “new economic activity“, with significant portions coming from transportation, lodging, food, and beverages. Ravers who end up making a huge trek end up staying before and after the festival as well, generating even more capital. In a more general sense, ICF International portrays the total economic impact as “the organizer’s production-related spending, expenditures made by out-of-town participants on lodging and entertainment while in Atlanta, and event-related spending made by local residents who participated in the festival.”

Combined with last year’s festival, Tomorrowworld has had a remarkable economic impact of $173 million. It generated an estimated $4.7 million in state and local taxes this year alone. Project director Jamie Reilly explained of the release, “These numbers are a humbling reminder that our work has a significant impact to our local community and home.” So next time someone criticizes you for not listening to ‘real music’, just remind them that it’s good for our country.


H/T: Forbes

Image Source: Tomorrowworld