Since becoming Yahoo’s “Global Anchor” last year, Katie Couric has maintained her reputation as an esteemed journalist, covering every major story and conducting interviews with leaders from all over the world. Yahoo has also provided Katie the freedom to maneuver through waters that the good folks at The Today Show and CBS Evening News probably would’ve frowned upon, such as interviewing Instagram heavyweight The Fat Jew while getting a pedicure.

Continuing her journey down the rabbit hole to the younger demographics, Katie paid Skrillex a visit at his studio in Los Angeles.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems an interview piece is in the works, similar to the great one she did on Steve Aoki earlier this year. And with all the interesting and amazing things surrounding the OWSLA kingpin at the moment (FullFlex Express, Jack U, new music), an in depth interview with Skrill would be a great look into the electronic dance music scene. Either way, judging from this Instagram pic Katie put up, it seems Skrillex can add another name to his ever growing list of fans.

Hanging out with @skrillex after we laid some really dope tracks. I really liked him! #randompairing

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Photo: Matt Sayles