If you take a look through my post history, you’d probably find only one or two progressive house reviews, and even that may be a generous estimate. It’s safe to say I’m not really a prog-house fan, as I prefer a wider variety of synths in my music. This track will be blasted in my backyard countless times, however, as it features a diverse, complex melody packed to the brim with uplifting sounds.

It comes as a gift from Melbourne-native Robbie Bergin, better known by his stage name Throttle. Featuring the soothing vocals of David Spekter, “Together” takes you on an aural journey, caressing you with enlivened piano riffs and an exhilarating drop. The song opens with an ethereal pluck synth layered on top of Spekter’s jubilant call to live life to the fullest. In comes the pre-chorus with the aforementioned triumphant piano, and you start to uncontrollably tap your feet in anticipation for the euphoric drop. It hits, and no matter where you are, I guarantee you’ll want to jump up and down, flailing your hands in the air like a DJ.


I guarantee it.

Throttle is almost up to 35,000 followers on SoundCloud and 70,000 likes on Facebook, so with this being his first vocal single, expect him to make massive moves for years to come. He already has support from Oliver Heldens, so a future on the main stage shouldn’t come as a surprise. Listen to this flawless track below, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.