Although you and I might consider $100,000 an exorbitant amount of money, Armin Van Buuren thinks differently. Despite his nightly booking costs ranging from $50-100k per appearance, he claims “it’s not that crazy, actually.” Citing costs of personnel and pyrotechnics that apparently comes straight from his billfold, he attempts to downplay his staggering booking fees in this exclusive interview with Bloomberg Business.

However in comparison to DJ/producer Calvin Harris, who hauls in a remarkable $350,000 per show with some bookings running an astounding $500,000, AVB’s price might not seem like much. Still, he insists that he does it all because he loves it, and though Armin admits the money is quite good and indulges in private jets from time to time to ensure timely arrival for shows, his humility is apparent – and that we can respect.

Watch below, and before you make claims that he’s stoned out of his mind in this interview, note that his red and watery eyes are most likely some sort of allergic reaction.