It seems like the top producers in electronic music are getting younger and younger as the scene grows. When Martin Garrix first blew up, it was a huge deal how young he was (and still is). But these days, most people won’t even bat an eye when they hear a talented producer is 18 years old; it’s almost expected now. In comes OLWIK, Swedish-born producer who is (you guessed it), only 18 years old. His remix of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s  “Come Follow” breathes new life into the track, unleashing energetic four minutes of pure progressive bliss.

The original “Come Follow” has some amazing singing by KiFi, and OLWIK made a great choice maintaining the same vocal track in this remix. Layers of nice acoustic guitar sounds support KiFi’s voice, as a piano gently supports the overall mix. However, the drop is where OLWIK truly showcases his talents. We’re greeted by an explosion of synths, mixed beautifully to provide the perfect amount of energy that the original track so desperately needed. The double-time high notes really drive this remix, as Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano’s track seemed to lack the “OOMPH” that OLWIK is able to so masterfully deliver. OLWIK has received direct support from the artists on this remix, so I think it’s safe to say they agree as well. I can only expect to see young OLWIK gracing the mainstage of every major festival in the near future.

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