Sometimes it’s easy to forget “trance” is an umbrella term for an array of sub-genres that span all different types of sounds. Tech-trance is one of those, and is certainly a much different style than your average Above & Beyond record. As the name suggests, ‘tech-trance’ draws influence from techno and trance. “The Babadook” by Adam Ellis is a track that showcases this sub-genre can maintain the ‘techno vibe’ while bringing a whole new sound to the table.

“The Babadook” is truly a sensory overload. It’s backed by an almost-constant kick drum, pounding away and driving the song at an incredible pace. While not as in-your-face as a good number of techno productions, “The Babadook” certainly preserves the energy level. Blended with trance-like atmospheric chords and background synths, this tune delivers a perfect blend of genre-defying goodness.

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