French techno veteran Popof has released his album Love Somebody, only the fourth release on Jaime Jones and Lee FossHot Creations imprint. The album is the perfect mix of chic, mid-tempo beats, whether lounging midday at the pool or sipping on cocktails at twilight.

Kicking off the album with the moody, slower tempo “Words Gone,” the track features a choppy bassline and Arno Joey’s breathy vocals that sink into the piano chords and hi-hat beat so well, it’s as if his words melt away altogether. The track “Your Eyes” is a bit more of a traditional techno track that you just can’t resist grooving to, with its bouncy bassline and acidic synths accented by the occasional synthesized organ. Another tune that will get you grooving is “Get Together,” a jazzy little number once again featuring the vocals of Arno Joey, this time channeling the styling of George Michaels circa his “Fast Love” era.

One track that seems to break from the light, loungey sound that encompasses most of the album is “I Want U,” featuring brassy synths building through the song and clashing symbols that give way to a fast paced hi-hat reminiscent of a ticking clock. The dark, warbled vocals add an element of eeriness to “I Want U” as well. This isn’t a seductive kind of “I want you,” this is more “somebody’s got their binoculars pointed at your window. “

Finishing off the album is the mellow, super groovy “Always on my Mind,” featuring the legendary Miss Kittin. Leaning more towards traditional house, it’s a fun, sunny track with an infectious beat that, as the lyrics go, will keep you “dancing all the time.”

Popof’s Love Somebody is available now on iTunes and Beatport. Check out the album’s stream on Hot Creations’ SoundCloud page below:

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