Eagle I Stallian may not be a name everyone recognizes. However, that in no way means they should be overlooked. “Connection Made,” featuring Brandon Mignacca on vocal duty, is a laidback masterpiece and an essential summer tune. Champions of the progressive trance sound, this Canadian duo are sure to make waves in the near future.

Eagle I Stallian prove that such beautiful, relaxing melodies can come from anywhere. Both artists have been involved in music for over a decade, but came from heavy metal backgrounds. This came as a huge surprise to me, as many of electronic music’s former metalheads (Skrillex/From First to Last & Borgore/Shabira come to mind) made the crossover using dubstep, itching for that heavy vibe that metal so fully delivers. It’s truly amazing to hear that Eagle I Stallian were able to move from such distorted sound to such soft, beautiful melodies so seamlessly. “Connection Made” really flaunts this talent, as the duo was able to craft a repetitive trance beat that showcases Mignacca’s vocal work perfectly. The relatively simple nature of the beat may craw your ear to his singing, but the instrumental is in no way boring. It’s an emotionally captivating piece, driving the song forward while maintaining interest in the track overall.

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