Technology is advancing at an alarming rate with streaming services, video platforms, and DJ equipment where artists are able to develop unique content and experiences through the integration of groundbreaking new methods. Avicii’s “Waiting For Love” music video provided an interactive tool for his fans to experience the song unlike any other, and Hardwell has now done the same. The Dutch kingpin has released the “Hardwell 360 Experience” that sucks viewers into his adventures in Miami as a fly on the wall. As we roll through the streets of South Beach, the “360 Experience” makes us feel as if we are walking alongside Hardwell through his jam-packed schedules of interviews, shows, and set preparation. From his historic Ultra Main Stage set to driving in a convertible with Dyro, Dannic, and Kill the Buzz, viewers will be hypnotized by how real the YouTube extension makes the video feel.

Watch the “Hardwell 360 Experience” below, and we guarantee you will press play multiple times to make sure you don’t miss anything.