While it can’t be confirmed for certain, there is strong evidence to prove mysterious producer Marshmello’s identity has been confirmed. Recently, Katie Couric (not a name you would expect to see in EDM) did an in-depth interview with superstar Skrillex. This interview covered a range of topics when it was suddenly interrupted by a phone call. Skrill’s phone was buzzing, and stopped to answer to a “Chris,” who he from then on only reffered to as “Marshmello.” This might be the nail in the coffin, as a great deal of evidence has arisen from the depths of the internet to help pinpoint Marshmello’s identity.

One of the main arguments being used to say Marshmello is a side-project of a much bigger artist stems from the massive amount of support received. His rendition of Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now” was chosen as an official remix. Skrillex himself chose “FinD Me” to be a part of 5 songs in his Selects series. While this could just be Skrillex being the good guy he is and helping out unknown up-and-comers, more evidence can be used to dispute this.

Marshmello’s Twitter account sports several thousand followers, not as many as you’d expected from someone affiliated with such big names. However, some of these ‘few” thousand include Jauz, Sikdope, and Dotcom, big name artist who sport tens of thousands of followers each. This is where the plot thickens, as it has been revealed that these artists are managed by one man, Moe Shalizi. These big name artists would be among the first to support and repost Marshmello tracks, giving the notion that these guys had prior knowledge or a friendly obligation to repost. Digging deeper reveals Marshmello shares one important common element with [almost] all these names, and that’s Circle Talent Agency. Sikdope and Dotcom both have their bookings handle through CTA, and having Circle as a bookings contact for Marshmello is a bit suspicious.

Due to the fact that Skrillex himself referred to Marshmello as “Chris,” we can only assume Chris Comstock, better known as Dotcom, is Marshmello.  

However, only days after the Couric interview, Marshmello released a whimsical Jersey club / trap piece called “KnOw ME” with a rendering of Katie Couric adorned with his graphics.

This jest by Marshmello seems to be confirmation of Skrillex’s slip, embracing the love and showing the fans that anonymity wasn’t the most important thing. So good on you, Marshmello.

That being said, while it seems like an honest mistake on behalf of Skrillex, there is a bit of mystery still left. Katie Couric isn’t some no-name reporter, and allowing someone to answer the phone mid-interview (even taking the phone herself to speak to “Chris”) seems a bit staged. There may be more to this than we think, and having “Chris” said on such a prestigious interview may have actually been a staged ‘mistake.’  Remember the whole Skrillex saying he’s ZHU nonsense? Or the whole Josh Pan issue? In the world of electronic music, it’s not entirely unreasonable to think this could happen again.

Either way, well played, Marshmello… well played.

Source: Dancing Astronaut