When the petition first emerged to remove Kanye West as a headliner of Glastonbury Music Festival, we covered it, as he has collaborated with some of the best in dance music – including the legendary duo Daft Punk.

Now, not only has Kanye responded, but so has a founder of the epic UK-based festival, after an astounding 135,000 signatures were recorded on Change.org.

In an interview with Q Magazine for their upcoming August issue, Kanye reportedly called the petition…

“an insult to music fans all over the world.”

Meanwhile, co-founder Emily Eavis stated that Kanye is…

“one of the world’s biggest superstars and a music legend, always interesting, never boring.”

Although there’s no predicting how the world-renowned superstar will be received when he takes the stage tomorrow, one thing is for certain: thousands of internet-dwelling fans won’t be cheering him on.

Kanye West has successfully established himself as one of the most controversial musicians of our time, and although Diplo desires the title for the Electronic Dance Music scene, there’s really no competing with this natural born star.

H/T Pigeons & Planes