I always enjoy fresh bass house in my life, and 219 Boys‘ West Side EP brought exactly the right amount of new material for me to listen to. This release is truly unique and for me has a “chill out and unwind” essence to it. These Discovery Project winners are bringing bass house lovers some very next level material. The tracks I enjoyed the most were “West Side” and “Sundown”. All of the tracks were produced very well, but “West Side” had me moving in my seat throughout the entire track and “Sundown” took me back to some of my best dance memories at summer events. The bass in these tracks can be felt through your whole body, and the overall groove of each song is powerful and delivers A-plus beats. Nite Records surely picked a fantastic duo to release on their label, and I hope their musical journey only goes forward from here. Check out 219 Boys’ Soundcloud for more bass house magic, and this EP is now out on iTunes and Beatport for download.