Sidney Samson is a pretty diverse producer in his own right, though most of his more recent production tend to stray toward that main stage sound. However, his latest endeavor featuring Yeshua Alexander, Sidney becomes an ultimate trvplord with huge sweeps and a truly infectious bassline.

As for the title…

“OohWok” – Definition:

– Presenting your presence while expressing your personality in a high energy manner!
– Appearance, style, or the way male or female present themselves.

And I’m sure you all already know what “on fleek” means.

So this track is all about showing yourself off, making people know who you are, and doing it in a way that is fun and energetic. Seems dope enough. And with awesome music as the soundtrack, I doubt anyone could argue that it’s a phenomenal goal.

Check it out below.

“Oohwok On Fleek” is the first tune to come out of Sidney’s own imprint, Artificial Recordings.