As Dillon Francis‘s long-awaited moombah album grows closer and closer to its release date, his fans have been drooling over any sign as to its inner workings. Whether it’s the mysterious track list, collaborations, or songs themselves, the idea of a return to his roots makes Dillon’s fans giddy for any information they can get their hands on. After the release of his first single “Bruk Bruk” yesterday, the internet has delivered a leaked stream of another track.

 *Removed as per request by Sony*

Titled “Bun Up The Dance“, this track truly sees a look back at the style that made us fall in love with him in the first place. Beginning with atmospheric jungle sounds and a driving, percussive synth, the track is quickly dominated by a heavy, Jamaican vocal. After a quick swell and countdown, the songs implodes into a metallic slashing of sounds that take over the attention. After another short verse, it returns with newfound energy and a pleasant siren in the background. Some gibberish words separate the track in half, leading back into the instant-classic drop.

Get ready to hear this one played out at most festivals to come, and look forward to the full EP release on August 14th.