Apple Connect is a new social media platform for artists that is being pushed heavily alongside Apple’s new streaming platform, Apple Music. It is no wonder that A-list names who are working closely with the corporate giant are already making heavy use of it with uploads of unreleased tracks and more. One such name that is quite familiar to us is the omnipresent Zedd.

The german born DJ/producer just uploaded an ID demo and is asking you, the fans, to help connect him with a top-line vocal for it. Check out the track below and Anton’s accompanying message, where he encourages fans to submit ideas for vocals over the nearly four-minute song.

“GUYS!!! Here is a track demo I’ve produced that I LOVE but never finished. I haven’t been able to find the perfect vocal and I want your help!! Send me your ideas to: [email protected]!! Let’s Connect!!!! 🙂 – Anton”