Hybrid is the name of the game these days, with single genres becoming tired and tiresome. When you’re able to effectively blend multiple genres together and create this beautiful, unknown chimera, then you can really begin to explore what makes music phenomenal and begin to push sounds forward.

It wasn’t until my third or fourth listen of “Laughing Gas” by Drop Dogs that I realized I was listening to future bass at a DnB tempo. It made no sense at first, considering the genres are about as far apart as techno and trap, but here you have it. Obvious future bass sound design and synths with an amped up tempo and rhythm, rolling 808s and vocal chops fill in the space and mask it brilliantly.

“Laughing Gas” is part of the Feeling You EP and here’s the good bit – the EP will be given away as a free downloads throughout June 2015 from the Drop Dogs Soundcloud page. Just keep your eyes on the DD socials and be ready to catch it when it comes.