Muzzy is one of the last bastions of heavy bass music coming from the Monstercat camp, which is why my ears always perk up when I see a release from him on the horizon. As a DnB fanatic and fan of all things bass, I find Muzzy’s productions well within my own accepted desires.

Four tracks are found on Get Crazy / Feeling Stronger, one a VIP of sorts of an earlier track, “Get Crazy,” one a remix from AgNO3 of the original mix, and the other two featuring remixes from High Maintenance and Priority One & NCT of “Feeling Stronger.”

What gave you the idea to recreate ‘Get Crazy’ for this EP?

I felt like ‘Get Crazier’ had a more focused sound, as ‘Get Crazy’ was derived from a number of different works in progress I was doing at the time. I love both, and they are fairly different tunes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people had a different opinion for it than they had for ‘Get Crazy’.

How much control did you have over the remixers? Why these producers in particular?

I always give remixers full control over their own interpretation of what they want it to sound like. As an artist I think it’s pretty shitty when somebody tells you how something needs to sound. Anything can happen in the studio. And I carefully picked those artists because they are all very talented friends of mine who are very underrated and I felt they all deserve a bit more exposure, so I thought this would be a good little team up for them.

You’ve had a collab with High Maintenance before – was the process of seeing him remix one of your tracks any different than making one from scratch?

Me and High Maintenance are super close friends and we do work together a lot, but we struggle to finish music together because, as tight as we are, we’re very different people creatively, I think. But I felt he could really add something special to ‘Feeling Stronger’, because the original was a delicate little roller, a contrasting dance floor smasher from him really puts the cherry on top for this record.

What have you got coming out next?

Lots of collaborations with some fantastic artists, a brand new EP in the works and a big remix incoming to. Stay tuned for those! We’ve got a big rest of the year on the way.


For now, you can purchase Get Crazy / Feeling Stronger on Beatport and Bandcamp.

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