If there’s any artist that embodies the success of streaming music, it’s Kygo.

Though he has become a household name, many people forget that the Norwegian has only just broken into the scene a little over a year and a half ago. He has music on his Soundcloud dating back to February 2013, but it was his breakout remix of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” that October that has garnered him over 31 million plays, and a huge touring schedule.

As many of you know, as we have reported on so frequently, Apple is launching their own streaming service, and there’s no artist they think more capable of partnering their brand with than Kygo. As an artist who embodies success via streaming, Kygo will be releasing a new track exclusively for the streaming service.

Except … it’s not really a new track.

As a Norwegian, Kygo will be partnering with another huge, legendary Norwegian group to bring a track back from the depths in a whole new way – “Take On Me” by A-Ha.

“I am truly excited about having the opportunity to work with with A Ha and Apple to make this collaboration happen. I think it was a great idea, and been looking forward to show you guys this.

It’s exiting times in the streaming world and we are really excited Apple is behind this new genre of music we have created. They are always on top of what’s cool and new. Apple has always done things in an innovative way and we are excited they are behind this.”


We’re really excited that Apple Music has chosen an artist that identifies with electronic music so heavily, yet remains a crossover hit sensation. It’s a smart move on the part of both teams, and everyone wins.

Reinventing a classic song like Take On Me is a great challenge, but I cannot think of a better candidate to take it on than Kygo!

Not only is he remarkably talented and has accomplished great international success in an impressive way.

He is also at the forefront of reinventing the music industry and I am very happy that he takes A-Ha along for the ride.

– A-Ha Team

Take a look below at what Apple’s vision of music streaming means for the world.