Fetty Wap‘s name is everywhere these days. With several hit singles, an upcoming spot at LA’s Hard Summer, and a slew of remixes to boast, this New Jersey rapper seems to be blazing a trail straight to the top.  This week, his track “My Way” was given a brutally heavy trap treatment by none other than Flosstradamus and 4B, available for free download.

Beginning with an ominous pattern of bells and piano, the vocals from the original quickly enter the space along swirls of hi hat. Stabs of horn accompany the initial swell, hitting a few more words at the top before it breaks. Suddenly, impossibly wide tonal scrapes take over the track with a nasty sub bass to boot. The drop continues with claps back into the verse, as reversed samples cut in and out of the mix. The break returns over a jersey-club rhythm before it’s set straight again. Listen to the full song below, and watch as Floss plays it out during their EDC set.

Download the track for free here.