Three members from Los Angeles’s budding collective Courteous Family have gotten together to craft a smooth and atmospheric beat, featuring sly vocals from the Gorilla Zoe¬†classic “Hood N***a“. No Puls, Tsuruda, and Dr. Derg combine their talents fluidly into a track that’s equally as mellow and contemplative as it is heavy and badass. “Jockin” is hopefully only the first of many more collaborations to come from these three.

It begins with discordant picks of string that emerge from the reverb as piano trills tie them down to a steady tempo. As chants rest in the background, a deep, growling pulse accompanies a great number of scrapes and soft atmospheric components, giving the entire track a unique sense of space. The vocals finally enter the arena, followed quickly by broken hits of dry, metallic synth. The track finishes on scattered bell strikes and a spooky, warbling repetition.

The track is available for free download here.