By now, almost everyone has heard Ember Island’s cover of “Where Are Ü Now” and the absolutely stunning vocals it provides. While I’ll admit Justin didn’t do such a bad job, Ember Island takes the cake, adding a whole new level of emotion that Justin just didn’t deliver. Papermind has taken full advantage of this cover, debuting a downtempo beauty that is sure to get the feels going.

The vocals are supported by Papermind’s beautiful piano chords and a nice kick that slowly drives the song forward. There’s enough simplicity overall to really let the singing shine. When the vocals fade out, we’re left with entrancing synth lines and other soothing sounds, mixed flawlessly to create a perfectly tranquil melody. This is one of the better remixes of this song available, and Papermind has proven he’s ready to take on the scene full force.

Stream below or head to Facebook to download!