Finish this sentence: “At the function I _____.”

If you love house music, then the answer is “shake my ass.” I mean, what else could you possibly do at the function? Drink? Hang with your friends? Nah. At the function you shake your ass, and nothing else. Thanks to Justin Martin and Ardalan ft PartyPatty, “Function” has been a house staple since it first hit our ears late last year. Drawing from the Lil B and The Pack tune “Jello,” Justin Martin & Ardalan took a sample and made it a massive tune that still gets fans rowdy whenever one the Dirtybird Crew drops it into their sets. Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, when “Function” had reached optimal popularity, Justin hit us with a VIP, dripping with acid-house and featuring one of the nastiest breakbeats this side of 1980s. Your dad’s going to want to grab some cardboard and his tracksuit and show you how he used to break it down on the corner, but tell him to have a seat and just download the “Function VIP” for free.