In March, I had the pleasure of premiering French producer Joris Delacroix‘s single “BackinBizness”. Although his style isn’t my usual cup of tea, the track was catchy, upbeat, and pleasing enough to leave me excited for the full Movings EP to be released.

The Movings EP begins with the funk-infused single “BackinBizness”. Next up is “All That Fuss”, a calming and deep track featuring Jessica Fitoussi‘s beautiful voice. “Haters and Lovers” is truly hypnotizing, with an entrancing melody and looping vocals. “Courage” takes us near the realm of trance, with an enticing progression and big room synths. The final track is “Condescendance”, an 8-minute journey into a much darker, less melodic world. Overall, the album definitely touched on a number of genres while remaining cohesive.

The album is available now via iTunes. You can also listen to the album on a number of different outlets via this portal. Check out Joris Delacroix’s website for a fun interactive music video for “BackinBizness”.