In celebration of Shark Week, which if you weren’t aware began yesterday and continues until Sunday the 12th, producer/DJ Megalodon has decided to throw up a free EP and mix.

Aside from his name reflecting that of a massive extinct shark, Megalodon has been a fan of Shark Week for years and this is his chance to really showcase that love. He’ll be putting out a track a day during the event, and he’s given us a mix to start things off.

Sharks are the predators of the sea. What’s the one dubstep track that you think would pull swimmers under and tear them to shreds?

I’d have to say my track with Skism and Habstrakt, “Jaguar.” The track is so lethal even working on the track was dangerous!

How long have you been watching Shark Week?

I honestly can’t remember when I first started watching shark week. I’ve always been absolutely obsessed with sharks so in many ways every week was shark week growing up.

You’ve got a bunch of different collaborators on the EP. Without giving away who they are, what kind of sharks are they, and why?

Well without dorking out on my knowledge of shark species, I’ll simplify it down to this… On the EP expect a Belgian shark duo, a shark that fancies carrots and two Sharks from the UK who spit some ridiculously tight bars!

Sharks don’t really make sounds underwater (as far as I know), so how might you go about putting a shark sample into a track?

Yea well tho sharks don’t make much noise, humans tend to make a huge fuss when they see one. So someone screaming in fear of being eaten alive seems to fit best. Some of the best dubsteps tracks involve screaming.

Would you rather come back to life as a shark or some other underwater predator?

Hah yea coming back as a shark would be quite a trip.. Humans lack senses sharks have I’m not even sure if I could fathom what it would be like to smell people from miles away.. Festivals would be a nightmare!

Do you think sharks celebrate Independence from something?

Well obviously American sharks celebrate their independence from the British sharks. They swam over to America and formed their own nation of flag waving Americans.. Much like their human counter parts. Unfortunately they couldn’t take part in other American customs like fireworks, BBQs, and copious amounts of beer drinking because they’re fucking fish.

The first track came out early this morning, a collab with Disonata, called “Radiation.” Check it out below, and be sure to cop that free download.