Protohype and HeRobust are both mainstays in bass music, solidifying their places through years of consistent dubstep and trap bangers. Recently, another single off Protohype’s upcoming EP The Dog House was released, and it’s seriously a godly collab. Protohype got in the studio with none other than HeRobust himself, producing an earth-shattering hybrid trap masterpiece. “Bomb Bomb” will satisfy any bass cravings, leaving little to be desired.

The track features a load of squeal-y synths and dirty wubs. A fast-tempo trap rhythm drives the song, borrowing from the dubstep realm every few bars. The sounds Protohype and HeRobust came up with are all over the place, throwing in Jack Ü sounding high notes and some Snails-esque lows. They contrast flawlessly, creating a beat that is constantly evolving. To top it all off, “Bomb Bomb” is mixed perfectly; the highs are never too shrill and the bass is thick but not overpowering.

Hear the collab for yourself below or head to iTunes to pre-order The Dog House.