Camp Bisco is upon us, and everyone has been patiently waiting for this year’s exciting event. This lineup is packed with the best in the bass music world, and everything from the lineup to the amenities is for lack of a better term, mind blowing. The biggest names for all bassheads will be at this festival to give every adventurer and attendee a thrilling and memorable experience. Bassnectar, Tipper, Pretty Lights, STS9, Atmosphere, Big Gigantic, and The Disco Biscuits will be headlining, and the supporting acts are just as glorious.


For three days at Montage Mountain, rain-or-shine with early arrival camping you get to see your favorite artists on three different stages. You can have hot water showers for only $5 (which I wish more camping festivals would incorporate), portable and indoor toilets, food and craft vendors, and ATM machines. The phone service won’t be all that great, so I say put the phones away and just enjoy being in the great outdoors! There will be a variety of delicious food and beverage vendors, including vegetarian options. Many will be running 24 hours a day. Camp Bisco even has a General Store, if you need to grab some necessary things you forgot while packing for your journey. Who could say no to all of this?

So if you haven’t started prepping for this incredible adventure, I suggest you get moving! While you do your packing, or while you’re driving to the location you can listen to the Camp Bisco playlist, filled with your favorite tunes. Check out the Camp Bisco website for more details, or visit their social media pages. Be safe, be free, and have fun!