Nicki Minaj fans are absolutely outraged after the hip hop superstar failed to make her scheduled appearance at the Wireless Festival in London. Although she missed her entire set, Minaj continued to assure festival organizers that she would be joining David Guetta on stage for his show – immediately following her scheduled performance. However the guest appearance still resulted in passionately negative responses.

The Mirror reported on the incident and have received several complaints from fans demanding refunds, and twitter is abuzz with contrition as well.

“I’ve been waiting for Nicki all day. I’m very disappointed. I will definitely be asking for a refund.”

“I would be fuuuuming if I was at Wireless right now waiting for Nicki. F*** the joint set, I’m on my way for a refund.”
“@WirelessFest can I have a refund. Came to see a full Nicki set. Had to leave #shambles #weekendruined #NickiMinaj #noshow.”

Devotees aptly pointed out the absence of Drake at the previous year’s festival, a trend that doesn’t bode well for the future of the multi-genre event.

“@WirelessFest last yr it was drake this yr Nicki?! How do we apply for a part refund We came just for her A song with David ain’t gd enough. (sic)”

Maybe it was Nicki’s fault; maybe it was her manager’s. Nonetheless, the point is that fans were screwed out of a marquee-level performance two years in a row, and this kind of mass negligence is utterly inexcusable.