Every professional in the world has a set of tools that they use to perfect their craft. Athletes generally favor arms and legs; a birdwatcher would covet their eyes; as a journalist, I would lament the loss of my fingers. For producers, the obvious answer is their ears. To create music, you generally have to be able to hear what you create. (Unless you’re Beethoven, then go gloat in the corner.)

The most notable and widely-spread example of hearing loss in a major electronic producer likely Zedd, who was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss last August. It seems early this morning, another producer has been afflicted (in the same ear, no less).

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, there’s a possibility it won’t be permanent. With this past weekend being the 4th of July, it’s entirely possible that Rob just has some water from a pool party stuck in his inner ear canal. (Yes, I’m aware that Rob is not American.)

Whatever the case, we’re hoping that he can find some solution to his malady. We await a follow up tweet. In the meantime, producers and fans voice their sympathy.