With momentum climbing for Disclosure’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Caracal, fans can now expect more than just brand new music…

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the duo opened up about the completely redesigned live show for their upcoming U.S. tour. Each track will receive a unique visual accompaniment and stage configuration, making for a truly spectacular show. The tour’s climax will be the performance at Madison Square Garden, which promises to be a particularly special night for the Lawrence brothers. “My dad gave me a VHS of Led Zeppelin playing there when I was about three, and I used to play drums along to it,” says Guy.

“I’ve never seen anything like it… We’re not trying to scam people by just turning up and pressing play and then all these pyros go off that the venue paid for. I think that’s total bullshit. Everything you see on stage is ours — we own it. Hopefully it will pay off.”

New York, NY- Jan. 17, 2014  Disclosure performing at Terminal 5

Photo by Robert Altman

It’s all for the sake of creating an experience that is entirely Disclosure, an ideal commonly lost to the idea of fist-in-the-air main stage artists. According to Guy Lawrence, “you meet more and more producers, and you find out, ‘You’re not really a producer, are you? You’re just a monster A&R who puts his name on the record.’” One thing is for certain, this year’s upcoming album and accompanying tour are sure to secure Disclosure an impressive slot in dance music’s pedigree.

“For us it’s worth it. It’s nice to know that everything the crowd is seeing is Disclosure. The only thing that’s not is the floor you’re standing on.”

In the meantime, click below to watch the official video for “Holding On” featuring Gregory Porter. The six minute cinematic clip is the first in a series of four videos directed by Ryan Hope, which aim to create a deeper connection between the tracks of Caracal, set to release 9/25. Stay tuned as the plot is revealed with each new release.