With over 2 years of production experience under his alias and countless PRMD, Enhanced & Zouk (Armada) releases under his belt, Steerner is arguably one of the best progressive house producers around today. Although he’s been recognized and promoted by some of the biggest labels and promotion channels in the industry, Steerner often enjoys stepping down and giving back to his ever-supportive fans with a special release or two; in this case, three.

I was more than hyped when the extraordinary producer announced his debut collab EP with fellow Swedish producer Martell, especially since his last two releases with him (Sky, Sparks) were both fantastic pieces. Entitled Sun, the EP captures the exact sound that we’ve come to love from the duo.

The best example of this classic Swedish house sound (and, in my opinion, the best track on the EP) is the near-masterpiece “Crystals.” With an absolutely viral melody, you’ll find your foot tapping and your inner dancer grooving to this track. Honestly, what are you waiting for?


Early iTunes Release