I believe in duality. I believe that, most times, opposites attract. In the sense that I love bass music the most, but absolutely adore chill and downtempo, that belief rings most true. In order to balance my listening, between the heavy, tearout sounds of drum & bass or dubstep, I listen to a lot of more calming music, and I find that it resonates with me quite deeply.

Arpyem presents the yin to my yang. When I listen to music from Datsik or Excision, “A Place For Me” would be the track I come to afterward. Between the minimalist sounds, slow and deliberate rhythm, and the crooning and soulful vocals of Jessica Main, it’s all I could hope for. Listening to it repeatedly opens it up to further examination, to the point where you’re able to pick out the nearly indiscernible little synths and effects. It becomes hypnotic and soothing, the perfect complement to something that gets you to throw your hands up in the air.

Every track generally has a purpose, whether it’s for at-home listening or throwing down at the club. Arpyem clearly had a vision for “A Place For Me,” and I believe that vision was achieved.

Get it on Bandcamp here.