In response to the post-industrial space house that’s been storming the scene of late, Amsterdam based Gerald Le Funk has fired back with “Rozay.” Since joining forces with Berlin’s Selected., the Dutch producer has been creeping through the ranks to join the house elite. In addition to curating an impressive track collection via his “You’re Funked” podcast series, Gerald has been cranking out tunes cut from an entirely futuristic cloth, especially evident in this latest single.

Essentially, this is the kind of track that makes you wanna pop a bottle of Rosé and bathe in filth. “Rozay” packs a unique combination of influence, stacking reggae dub vocals over weighty industrial snaps, and complementing electro builds with staple future house lag betwixt drops. The breakdowns are crunchier than a fresh saltine, and gain support from the track’s crackling synths and hopping vocal cuts. Give it a listen below, and don’t forget to pick it up for free download, courtesy of Uprise Music.

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