Luca Lush has just released his first completely original track, utilizing his own vocals and arrangement. “I Can Tell” takes a whimsical and ever-evolving approach to the future bass and future house styles. From anthemic and fast-paced rhythms to gradual melodic portions, Luca covers all of the bases. The track will be followed shortly by his debut album, set to drop later this month.

It begins with deep, tonal strikes and a tight beat underneath. Luca Lush’s vocals emerge, slightly muted, as sparkling arpeggios follow closely behind. The energy is released, and brought back with light, playful piano chords, leading into a short swell. The break features the swirling, layered synths we’ve come to know and love, and forces the listener’s head into movement. A surprising jazz horn solo takes over the space, played as if it were a fiddle. A half-time rhythm is used beside broken buzzes and percussion slaps. The song is brought back to its original energy state, and is sung out by Luca until its close.

“I Can Tell” can be downloaded for free for a limited time! Click here.