It’s the heart of summer, and Tasty has just provided us with the next anthem of the season. Next up on their ever-expanding catalogue of works is Joe Garston’s “This Love,” a prog-house banger that brings beautiful melodies and a serious party atmosphere along with it. This tune creates a simple yet engaging rhythm, curating a vibe reminiscent of Porter’s “Language.”

“This Love” starts off with muffled piano and drum lines, looping to create a nice house feel to the track. These sounds are heard allover the song, acting as the main beat that drives it forward. The simplistic nature of “This Love” has an allure to it; there is little variation but it’s not a very noticeable issue. The mix is on point, as different intensity levels of the same sound are used to add a different feel each time. While the song might be slightly repetitive overall, Garston manages to maintain interest throughout by employing this technique. “This Love” is sure to please any progressive house fan, or anyone looking for that next summer hit to add to their playlist.

Stream the track below!