Tasty is a label making some serious waves in the electronic music scene. Boasting a release every Monday and Thursday, they have an extensive catalogue that features almost every genre imaginable. Fresh off the press is a new release from Nitepunk called “Take It Off,” a bass-y electro banger with huge potential to destroy more than a few dance floors.

“Take It Off” starts off with some groovy wubs and slowed down DnB-esque drum work. The simple yet engaging intro gives way to a massive drop that is a perfect blend of electro-house and dubstep. It has the pace of and structure of an electro song, but uses heavier sounds that might be more associated with dubstep. The second drop reveals a tempo change, slowing things down and making room for some seriously filthy wobbles. Overall “Take It Off” is a real ear-pleaser, sure to satisfy dubheads and electro fans alike.

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