New York native Infuze has just released a complex, high-energy flip of Father Dude‘s “Bring Us Back“. Interestingly enough, the original was a re-work of GRMM’s “Caprisun” remix with Father Dude’s vocals and additional¬†production flare. Infuze’s version takes this track to an entirely new level, utilizing a vast array of sweeps, stabs, and synths to create a powerful ‘future soul’ heater. It is currently up for free download.

The track begins with Father Dude’s vocals alongside warm and ethereal waves of synth. A light guitar is heard being plucked above the voices, leading into a short swell of snares. Suddenly, deep and resonant electro-oriented warbles take over the space alongside a tight percussive ensemble. The verse returns with newfound meaning, and travels back up to the song’s energy peak. Tom fills carry the listener back into the drop, finishing with the piano progressions from the original.

The track can be downloaded for free here.