Celldweller is an exceptionally talented producer, who’s been in the game for longer than most of you would care to admit that you’ve been listening to electronic music. His style is … well, his style is everything. He casts aside normative genre boundaries and producers generally whatever he feels like.

The most recent track that was sent to me was a raucous psytrance tune, but since that really isn’t my thing, I asked what else they had.

Well … we have this Zardonic remix?


The Venezuelan purveyor of dark drum & bass has been a favorite of mine for a few years now, presenting a vast variety of excellent productions and mixes. The remix for “New Elysium” is shorter, tighter, and packs a way harder punch than the original. The first drop falls in a little too early, a little too cleanly, for my tastes, with only 22 seconds of intro. But thinking about it another way, you get a nearly full 5 minutes of tearout to feast on.

“New Elysium” comes out July 17th as part of Celldweller’s End Of An Empire series. The fourth chatper, Death, is available for pre-order via the FiXT Store or iTunes now.