Unpopular opinion of the day #2 coming up right here. Please note, again, that this is merely my opinion and I encourage you to draw your own.

Alongside a disappointing remix pack of Avicii & Martin Garrix‘s “Waiting For Love,” Dillon Francis & Jauz‘s remix of the hit song “Lean On” by Major Lazer has finally arrived. Despite being a highly anticipated release, I’m having a bit of trouble seeing as to why. Sure it plays out decently live, but doesn’t any “Lean On” remix?

The track transgresses four and a half minutes in which the vocals span many different speeds, with a predominantly slowed down and noticeably warped tempo. Not only does this remove the initial impact of the song’s hook – which, let’s be honest, is what has lead to the song’s massive popularity – but it also makes the progression feel especially disjointed.

The drops, meanwhile, are… good for what they are; but do they belong in the same song?

Listen and read on below:

While I don’t think this track deserves to be an official remix, especially among the bootlegs that I have come across [see below], there is no denying that Dillon Francis’s name carries enough weight in the industry to overshadow the quality of his work when considered for an official remix – even for one of this caliber. Which, when combined with Avicii’s new remix pack, begs the question of whether or not A&Rs truly care about the quality of these official remixes, so long as there’s a big name attached.

To give you a brief idea of the works that I am comparing this to, check below.

Jonas Aden delivers a throbbing future house rendition that will appease all desiring the latest in house trends.

NGHTMRE pleases trap heads with an almost quintessential overhaul of the massive “Lean On.”

Kream drops the catchiest remix of them all with this deep house thriller.

Bassex & Swage collab for this more up-tempo rendition that redefines abstract EDM.

Prince Fox redefines pop with this gorgeous, celebratory bootleg.

As you can see, all of these tracks are at least on par with this Dillon Francis & Jauz remix, yet receive little to none of the hype, and stand zero chance at ever going official. Even worse? A name is the only reason why.