Brig has a unique talent of defying expectations. It’s not that he has ever painted himself as an incapable producer, nothing even close. But in each of his tracks, I’m pretty consistently stunned with the direction that they end up going.

Based on the first few seconds of this tune, “Bad,” you’d guess that it goes in a more moombahton route. Nope. Drumstep. Even right up until the drop, you’re not exactly sure where it’ll end up – but inevitably, his drops leave you with your jaw on the floor, begging for more. He rides that line just below brostep, wherein the mids are tolerable and not overdone. His basslines are melodic and well composed, just like his sound design overall.

The feeling I get most consistently from Brig is surprise, which is immensely ironic considering how consistent he is. It’s a unique skill or perhaps talent that keeps me on my toes and always ready for what he has to throw down.

You can pick up “Bad” on Beatport now, or pick it up for free here.

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