We’ve seen our scene get belittled by the likes of Saturday Night Live and Tosh.O, but now a whole troupe of comedians have come together to poke fun at our beloved genre of EDM.

The video, which was published just today, has already amassed an astounding 6,000 “thumbs ups” (and 1,200 “thumbs down”) and is making the rounds on the internet as defenders of our genre take personal offense to the comedic tirade. They start by taking shots at the acronym itself, saying it actually stands for “Everybody’s Doing Molly” or “Everybody Dance Meow,” before badgering on several stereotypes in the scene from light-shows to drug usage and more.

Although some might find videos like this harmful to our scene and a reinforcement of negative stereotypes, there’s no denying the hilarity found in this four and a half minute sequence. Check it out below.