SMLE‘s first original is aptly named “Every Chance You Get.” Since we’ve only had remixes, this is the first glimpse into what SMLE can do starting from scratch. Along with the single comes the announcement of the forthcoming Reasons To EP that is yet to have a public date on it yet. This duo is one of the most exciting acts out right now, as they have the mystery factor going, a lot of anticipation has been built for originals, AND they play live.

“Every Chance You Get” is a slow-jam of the future variety, sporting powerful riffs that will have your head buzzing. The feel good style is bright and enticing without even coming close to cheesy. They really went in on this to make it something special. Knowing they have more in the chamber ready to fire off gets me more excited than free Taco Bell, and for anyone who follows me on social media knows I love me some Taco Bell. Did I also mention this song is free? Because it is. Checkmate for awesomeness.

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