Now you can add certified platinum recording artist to the list of accolades for Skrillex. The Grammy Award-winning producer’s super collaboration with music mogul Diplo has hit yet another milestone, this time with the help of Justin Bieber. “Where Are Ü Now,” rippled through the dance music community, well before anyone actually heard the track, as few were open to the idea of the pop star-turned bad boy infiltrating EDM. But after Jack Ü’s debut album dropped, many were soon eating their words as the track was easily a breakout hit. A few weeks ago, it was an impressive feat for Skrillex and Diplo to crack the Billboard Top 10 and become a viral sensation with Ember Island’s cover (and Marshmello‘s questionable remix of that cover, which a certain mau5 did not take kindly to). Now they can celebrate 1,000,000 copies sold of “Where Are Ü Now,” further cementing their status as music legends.

If somehow you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the song by now, check out the trippy video (which has racked up over 30 million views) below:

Source: EDM Tunes